A sunny start to the weekend

Here are a couple of photos from yesterday’s rides. The weather was perfect! 

This first shot is from a one-hour ride late in the afternoon. We always stop to give the horses a little munch of grass and the guests a chance to take photos. We use their phone or camera to get a group picture of them and then it’s all about the selfies! The horses (who are looking so very shiny – love it!) from left to right are Rio, Texas and Traveller.

This second image is from one of the first rides yesterday morning. Heather owns her own horse, a Morgan, back in Ontario and Ryan, her boyfriend, is a very good sport! And he’s a quick study – he caught onto riding really well over the two-hour ride. Thanks for visiting Glen Valley Stables while out on the coast! Ryan is on Freckles and Heather is on Traveller.

Tara Peterse