We’re open for 2014!

Book your spring break trail ride today! Or what the heck – come earlier than that! Give us a call or text us at 778-710-1941 to reserve your ride. Saddle up!

Annie enjoying the snow

It must feel good to get your blanket off and rip around in the snow! Annie seems to think so

A snowy morning

Annie – a pretty horse in the snow. She’s waiting for her breakfast so she’s paying no attention to the camera.

Getting Scout to smile

Scout is usually a pretty happy guy. In fact, his ears were pricked forward as we walked into the ring to take his picture. And then he saw the camera…. seems he doesn’t like having his picture taken. His ears went back in dismay. So of course, Bonnie had to fix that. And Scout looks happy (sort of) again!

Mary the mare

Here’s a nice black and white picture of Mary, one of only two mares on our string. She’s a very gentle soul. It looks like she’s trying to catch up with her friends here. All of our horses were rented out for the Circle F’s annual Poker Ride fundraiser – we were glad to be part of the event. It’s […] Continue Reading