Glen Valley Stables in Canadian Traveller Magazine

Glen Valley Stables, along with a photo of two of our regulars, Karen and Jennifer on Straws and Honey (yay!), is featured in Canadian Traveller Magazine’s list of 89 Things to do in BC this spring. We’re #34 – Go (urban) horseback riding.

Once you’ve checked out our listing (thanks!) and shared it with your friends (double thanks!), have a look at all the other cool things you can do around the province. We live in an amazing place.

Canadian Traveller Magazine is part of British Columbia Magazine, formerly known (and loved) as Beautiful British Columbia. They have a great website for all things BC at It’s a beautiful website full of great information and fantastic photos of the part of the world we get to call home. 

So get out there and enjoy this spectacular province of ours with all its myriad outdoor activities – your body and your soul will thank you!

Tara Peterse