A few more photos from the past week

Mother and son enjoying a break. The horses are enjoying it, too! Summer”s on the left and Jiggers is on the right. Here are a couple of friends out riding for pretty much their first time. They did great! That’s Freckles on the left and Pilgrim on the right. And finally, a cloudy day – no rain, though. Still, the […] Continue Reading

Visitors from England

Thanks, Wolfgang, for bringing your family on a ride with us here at Glen Valley Stables. We’re glad to be a part of your Canadian adventure! That’s Freckles in the lead, followed by Pilgrim and all the rest

Joe and the gang

Joe grew up on a farm with horses so he thought it was time to introduce the kids, Jane and Aiden, to riding. It was fun going down the trails with you guys! You were great company

A collection of great photos

It’s been busy around here lately so I’m a bit backed up with posting pictures to the blog so a whole bunch of them are coming all at once – yikes! Thanks for riding with us, everyone! We love our job and are glad you’re a part of it. We hope to see you in the saddle again some time! […] Continue Reading

The Kimber girls ride!

The Kimber sisters of Langley are giving their horses, Pilgrim and Freckles, a snack break in the long, green grass. Thanks for riding with us, girls!