We have a new horse!

We have lots of great horses but we’re always excited when we get a new one! Pistachio – or ‘Stash’ as we call her – is a 12-year-old Quarter Horse mare and she’s just lovely. When you meet her, you’ll notice she’s an unusual colour known as “grulla,” which is a rare and exciting colour. Characteristics of this dark grey colour are darker legs, often with tiger striping (like Stash!), a dark stripe down the middle of her back and ears that look like they’ve been dipped in black paint.

You’re welcome to come meet Stash and all our other great horses! Just call or text 778-710-1941 to set up a time to ride. There’s no charge if you cancel your ride due to weather so you can book with confidence. See you in the saddle soon!

Tara Peterse