Future doctors on the trail

These four women just finished their third year medical school exams and then came out for a ride with us. Thanks for making Glen Valley Stables part of your summer joy! That’s Freckles in the lead, followed by Dodge, Summer and Jiggers. And here they are again during a short break for a snack (for the horses, that is…) and […] Continue Reading

Nicole’s birthday party

It was a hot one today but not bad at all in the trees. And even in the open, sunny spaces, there was a soft breeze blowing. It was a perfect day for a birthday ride! Thanks for riding with us, girls! Here the girls are, all gathered up at the end of the ride. Check out those smiles! Horses, […] Continue Reading

A short break in the ride – nice!

Whenever we have a the time, we try to stop for a little while to give our riders a short break and our horses a little snack. It’s also the perfect place to take a few photos. Here we are yesterday in the freshly mowed hay field on the south side of the park. You can see the big, round […] Continue Reading

The Gallagher granddaughters are here!

You know summer has officially started when Gene’s Halifax granddaughters, the Gallagher girls, show up on the farm. It’s their first evening here and already they’re out riding horses after dinner. Julia is on Shine and Kassidy is smiling away on Freckles. Kansas was somewhere else – but she’ll be riding soon, we’re sure. Great to see you, girls!

The end of another perfect ride

It’s the last stretch of today’s 2-hour ride around Campbell Valley Park. That’s Freckles up ahead, Dodge following shortly behind, and Summer’s ear’s in the foreground. Oh, and that’s Mount Baker peaking up over the horizon – perfect!