Traveller and Bonnie

The other day, Bonnie planned to get video of her bay horse, Scout, in the field but Traveller, our Appaloosa, had other ideas. You see, Traveller is a very friendly fellow and couldn’t resist coming over to say hi. Check this short video out – it made us laugh out loud!

The perfect gift for a horse lover!

We have the perfect gift for the horse lover in your life! Glen Valley Gift Certificates can be made out for one hour, one-and-a-half hour or two hour rides, or even a half-day Golden Ears Park ride. Give them to your kids, your wife, your husband, your mom, your horse loving niece, your friend or, what the heck, yourself! We […] Continue Reading

Fun and laughter

I don’t know what Gene said to make Heather Novakowski laugh so hard but it must have been good! Heather and her granddaughter, Channelle, rode around the park with us this week and had a great time (as you can see!). Heather sold her horse earlier this year and decided to invest in trail riding other peoples’ horses instead. Glad […] Continue Reading

An old friend rides

When Gene was a boy, he and his brothers lived with the Johnsons for a while so they could attend school, as there was no school near their own Lost Valley Ranch. Wayne Johnson, one of the Johnson boys, and his sister, Ivy, came to visit this week. It had been 60 years since Wayne had ridden a horse so […] Continue Reading