A sunny day on the trail

It was beautiful – but cold – day! Gene was glad he had his “feathers” on. Gene’s riding Straws, the middle horse is Freckles, Traveller is in the lead and that’s Honey’s pretty little head in the foreground.

Happy kid!

Every time they get a good report card, their mom brings them for a trail ride with us – and she comes, too! Here’s one happy girl at the end of her ride. Cowgirl up!

Jag & Traveller

Jag gives Traveller a little scratch on the chest… and poor Trav looks a little embarrassed! But our guests had a great time.

Girls on Appaloosas

Erika-Shaye on Freckles and Laura on Pilgrim from this afternoon in our muddy riding ring. The trails are oh so much nicer but the girls had fun anyway