Gene & Honey at the snack spot

Here are a couple of photos from today of Gene on Honey at one of our grassy “snack spots” in Campbell Valley Park Gene loves sunny days! Here it looks like he’s making sure the sun is still where it ought to be. Honey, however, is only thinking about the next patch of grass….

Riding with family

Gene and granddaughter, Laura, out on a sunny spring ride a few days ago. Gene’s on Ruckus and Laura’s on Honey

Mud, mud, glorious mud

Spring is Jag’s favourite time of the year. Next to fall and winter, that is. So long as there’s mud, Jag is in his glory. Too bad he’s our whitest horse…. Gene spent a good half-hour shedding Honey out this morning and cleaning her up so nicely. And then she goes and has a nap in the mud. Oh well […] Continue Reading