More snow!

All this snow isn’t the best for trail riding but it’s wonderful for taking pictures of the horses in the pasture. Enjoy!​ Traveller & Freckles​ Freckles sticks his tongue out to taste the falling snow!​ Traveller & Texas playing together​ Summer looking pretty in the snow​ Wise old Pilgrim​ A pretty picture of Freckles

Pretty horses in the snow

We don’t do a lot of riding in the snow – the snow balls up in our horses’ feet and it’s not always safe trailering them to the park – but we sure enjoy watching them out in the field. Here are a few shots from today of Freckles, Texas and Summer enjoying the snow… and the sun! Freckles​ Summer​ […] Continue Reading

A dry day is a good day for a ride!

It’s been a wet autumn! But every now and then we get a dry day and we’re always happy to take people out for a ride. Here are a group of friends who came out to celebrate a birthday. It wasn’t sunny but that didn’t stop the smiles! Thanks for riding with us, ladies!