Family fun!

We love family events! These happy campers rode with us a few weeks ago and we were so very glad to host them. The mom had ridden when she was young and the dad was very comfortable on a horse but the girls were pretty new to riding – and they were great! We suggested they get the girls into […] Continue Reading

Golden horses

All of our horses are beautiful (we’re not the only ones who say that!) but some of them are an extra-special colour. Summer, the horse on the left, is a palomino colour – she’s golden with a white mane and tail. Her friend Kat, on the right, is a buckskin colour, which means she has the same golden body as […] Continue Reading

It’s peaceful here…

We have the best job in the world – and this is our office! One of our guests took this lovely photo of Gene waiting for everyone to arrive and start the day. The horses are chilling in the shade and Gene is soaking up some sun. Love it!