A grandpa and his grandson

Here’s a photo from a few days ago of a grandpa (on Freckles) and his grandson (on Pilgrim) who joined two other guests (on Jiggers and Charlie Cache) for a one-hour ride in the park. What a great group they were! Thanks for riding with us, everyone! 

Summertime joy on horseback

There’s nothing better than a ride on a horse down a beautiful trail! Thanks for riding with Glen Valley Stables, everyone – we’re glad to share our love of horses with you! Horse, from front to back, are Freckles, Texas, Rio and Traveller

Second time on a horse, first rate experience!

Andria booked a ride yesterday as part of Jordan’s birthday gift – riding a horse was just one of the cool things they did that day. Andria (on Freckles, in the front) is just 16 years old but we think she has the world’s best gift-giving ideas! Both she and Jordan (on Traveller) had only ridden horses once before but […] Continue Reading

Playing catch-up with photos from the past few weeks

July and August are our busiest months, though if you look at our blog, you might think they’re the slowest because there aren’t quite so many posts as other months. But that’s because we’re busy in the saddle and don’t get much time in the office – which is great! So here are a few photos from the past few […] Continue Reading

It’s a birthday party!

When four little girls – all 8 and 9 years old – and a couple of moms come for a ride, all our guides and friends step in to help. It made for a big group! Lots of fun! The horses, from front to back, are Shine, Summer, Montana, Freckles… and then I can’t tell…. Here are the guests at […] Continue Reading