Mom and daughter ride

Macy is 8 years old and loves horses. She says she has lots of horse pictures in her bedroom, including a photo of her mom’s old pony, Black Magic, and she’s been on a pony ride before but this was her first time on a horse. She was over the moon! (See her mom’s note to us on our Testimonials […] Continue Reading

The bees have moved on

Late this morning, our swarm of bees headed up into the cottonwoods on their way to a new home, wherever that may be. It was very nice having them here. Come back any time, bees!

A swarm of bees

A swarm of bees stopped by our farm today. They gathered on a fence post while out searching for a new place to call home. They only bothered one horse – and it was Honey! They must have thought she was very sweet…. These bees are nowhere near the trails where we take our guests out for rides – they […] Continue Reading

Three generations out for a 6-year-old boy’s birthday wish

Mom, Dad, Grandma, his older brother and the six-year-old birthday boy showed up last Sunday for a birthday ride… but they got rained out. So they postponed it to today – and what a day! All together, it was Mother’s Day, a birthday celebration and a ride in the park. Nice. The horses, from left to right, are Jag, Honey, […] Continue Reading

Third year in a row!

Every year, Karen treats Jennifer to a 2-hour ride around Campbell Valley Park with us. Judging from their smiles, I think they enjoy it! Great having you both with us – see you again soon! Karen is on Straws (on the left) and Jennifer is on Honey (right).