Updated Covid-19 protocols

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY masks are mandatory when you arrive to sign up for your ride and while we help you into the saddle. Once you are on your horse and riding down the trail, you are welcome to take your mask off as you are naturally physically distanced during your ride. You must put it on again at the end of your ride while we help you down from the saddle.

All group rides are never more than 6 riders in any one group. Private rides are available for those who prefer to ride with others from their bubble.

Going on a trail ride in an outdoor environment remains a relatively low-risk Covid activity, and we are doing our best to keep it that way.

Other protocols include:
– hand sanitizing when you arrive
– if you borrow a helmet, it will have been sanitized after the previous guests
– saddles and reins are sanitized after each guest dismounts so that everything is sanitized before the next guest
– you are welcome to use our hand sanitizer again at the end of your ride

MOST IMPORTANTLY – IF YOU, OR ANYONE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD, ARE NOT FEELING WELL, PLEASE STAY HOME. We will never charge you for cancellations due to ill health or weather.

Text or call 778-710-1941 to book your ride or get answers to any questions you might have.

Tara Peterse