Thanksgiving weekend – many thanks for riding with Glen Valley Stables!

We were busy here at Glen Valley Stables over the Thanksgiving weekend, and for that we are very thankful! Here are just a few of our riders from that day. First up: Kelly hadn’t ridden before but she booked a ride for two and was glad when the rain held off. They were a great couple to take for a ride. The horses, from left to right, are Traveller, Freckles and Shine.
The McCormack family find a way to ride horses on almost all of their vacations. On Sunday, they came all the way to Langley from their Vancouver home – nice vacation! It was a pleasure riding with you folks. The horses (a little out of focus…) are Traveller, Freckles and Pilgrim.
And last – but certainly not least – is Stacy. Stacy says she’s nervous of trying new things but she does it anyway, which is very impressive. She and her friend, Emma, booked a 2-hour ride all the way around Campbell Valley Park. By the end, Stacy was (almost) an honorary cowgirl! Honey doesn’t look like it right in the moment of this picture but she was a very happy horse for the whole ride, particularly after Straws took the lead – good riding, Emma! Thanks to everyone, including those who we didn’t get pictures of, for riding with us! We hope your Thanksgiving weekend was as good as ours, and we hope to see you in the saddle again soon.

Tara Peterse