Spring break has begun!

Spring break has started and the families have been coming out to ride! Here are a couple of photos from earlier this week. 
Karen and her son, Zach, came to ride while visiting from Nova Scotia. Karen used to ride when she was a kid (it showed – she sat her horse, Freckles, very nicely!) while Zach was a little newer in the saddle but did really well with Traveller. That’s Gene bringing up the rear on Rio (we’ll get photos of him and a couple other new(ish) horses onto our website soon, I promise!).

I just noticed Freckles tongue poking out the side of his mouth! Very funny!

This is Ron and his 9-year-old son, Rocco, on Freckles and Traveller. Ron rode quite a lot when he was a kid but this was Rocco’s first ride – he was a star! Ron plans to bring Rocco back again this summer, along with his brothers, for another great ride. Thanks for riding with Glen Valley Stables, everyone!

Tara Peterse