Playing catch-up….

It’s been our busiest summer ever and we’re having a great time! But it means that we’re spending more time out on the trail than at the computer (who could ask for anything more?)! Here are a few photos of our guests from the past few weeks. Feel free to share!
These guys are getting geared up to spend several days in the saddle caribou hunting next month. It was pretty much a first-time ride for both of them. The son is on Dodge and the dad, in the foreground, is on Freckles.
This was a big family ride! Stopped at the snack spot, from left to right, the horses are Summer, Dodge, Pilgrim, Freckles, Jiggers and Traveller. Thanks for riding with us!
A quick stop for photos in the lush, green grass. It’s always a nice break, both for the rider and, of course, the horses! That’s Summer on the left, then Pilgrim and Jiggers.
Rolling in at the end of the ride. That’s Gene on his pretty mare, Annie, followed by Pilgrim and Freckles
Riding through the field on the way back.
Here’s Jiggers and Summer doing what they do best – taking guests on great trail rides. Thanks for riding with us, ladies!
This is a visitor from Japan riding Dodge on a beautiful, sunny, summer day.
The grass is so tall at this snack spot! What a great family this is. That’s Jiggers, Summer and Dodge enjoying a short break
You can see the joy in both Jiggers’ and Summer’s expressions! They work hard for us, these great horses, and stopping for photos is one of their favourite things
Riding along the trail with Pilgrim in the lead, followed by Freckles, Jiggers and Summer.
The end of another successful ride! We sure enjoyed this family – mom, dad and three beautiful daughters. Thanks for choosing Glen Valley Stables for your ride! Horses, from left to right, are Freckles, Jiggers, Summer, Dodge and Pilgrim
Here are the dad and son of another great family. These kids were so cool! They smiled great big smiles every time we trotted – and they wanted to trot a lot! Thanks to Summer and Dodge for taking such good care of our guests
This snack spot (and picture taking opportunity!) was mowed recently but the horses don’t care. We had a great time with these riders! Horses, from left to right, are Traveller, Dodge, Summer, Jiggers, Freckles (can’t see him but he’s there!) and Pilgrim
Here’s a picture of us travelling down one of the smaller trails in the park
Here’s a cool couple out celebrating a milestone in their relationship – they were going for dinner somewhere afterwards, but he wasn’t telling! Thanks for riding with us, you two. Dodge and Traveller enjoyed your company, too
Thanks, Elma, for bringing your family and international students out for a ride. I see horses in your granddaughter’s future! Horses are Summer, Traveller, Pilgrim, Freckles, Dodge and Jiggers
Here’s Jiggers with a huge bunch of grass in her mouth. It wasn’t as big a bunch as the picture I missed!
A welcome overcast day – we love the sun but it’s nice to escape the heat from time to time! You probably know the horses by now – that’s Freckles on the left and Jiggers on the right – and that’s Shine’s bum in the background
Mom and son out for a ride on Annie and Pilgrim
Here are Freckles and Pilgrim doing what they do best – taking guests out for rides and eating grass!

Tara Peterse