Playing catch-up with photos from the past few weeks

July and August are our busiest months, though if you look at our blog, you might think they’re the slowest because there aren’t quite so many posts as other months. But that’s because we’re busy in the saddle and don’t get much time in the office – which is great! So here are a few photos from the past few weeks. Enjoy!
Here are a couple of friends who joined us for a ride. Thanks, girls! That’s Pilgrim in the front and Rio in the back.
Here are some kids visiting from Hong Kong. That’s the mom waving in the background! The two horses in the front are Pilgrim and Freckles, and then I can’t see who it is until the lady in blue, who is riding Shine.
We sure love little girls who love horses! We’re at a snack break (for the horses, anyway!) with Pilgrim and Freckles and a couple of very happy little girls!
Here’s Texas taking care of a first-time rider and Rio bringing up the rear with a rider who has spent quite a bit of time in the saddle. 
This is a really terrific family visiting from England. The girls could both ride and the dad was game so after we’d ridden all but 10 minutes of a 1.5-hour ride, the mom got off her horse and we took these guys for a run. From right to left, we’ve got Pilgrim, Freckles and then Texas. It’s sure fun to go for a run from time to time! Thanks for riding with us, everyone!

Tara Peterse