Catching up!

Most of our photos have been going up on Facebook and not on our blog – sorry about that! So I thought I’d post a few recent photos here to catch up a little. You can always drop in at our Glen Valley Stables FB page to see fresh photos of our beautiful horses. We appreciate seeing you there and are always glad when people LIKE and SHARE our page. Thanks for checking in on us here at GVS!
Freckles and Pilgrim grazing amongst the flowers

Happy riders at the end of their ride, loving Freckles and Traveller!

A family celebrating Grandpa George’s 60th birthday, with Gene

Shawn and his lovely daughters who get to come for a ride once a year… or more, if they can make it happen!

Annie is dwarfed by the long grass when we stop to give our horses a little ‘snack’

Tara Peterse