Her first solo ride

Mae just started riding horses and she’s never ridden a horse by herself – so far, the horses she’s ridden have always been lead by someone else. Well, this weekend, she got her wish – Pilgrim took great care of her on her first solo, 2-hour ride in beautiful Campbell Valley Park. She was over the moon! Her mother, Melanie, invited her lifelong friend, Carol, along for the ride. Carol has ridden quite a bit but Melanie hadn’t been on a horse since she and Carol went on a trail ride back when they were little kids. Freckles helped calm Melanie’s worries (there was a reason she hadn’t gone riding since she was a little girl – she admitted she’s afraid of horses!) and Traveller was pleased to have a nice rider on him. Thanks, all! And good luck in your riding adventures, Mae – you’re a quick learner and should do very well

Tara Peterse