Gift Certificates on sale!

Buy the best Christmas present EVER before noon on December 24 and you’ll be the most popular person Christmas morning – plus you get a discount! Here’s the deal:

$5 off each 1 hour ride = $55
$10 off each 1.5 hour ride = $75
$15 off each 2 hour ride (the best deal!) = $90
Tax is included

We will either mail you a beautiful card stock certificate or send you an email certificate for that last minute, spectacular gift idea. Your loved one can book a ride this winter or wait until summertime to ride one of our fun, safe horses!

Text or call 778-710-1941 or email us email us through the form on our Contact Page. (And don’t forget to get a certificate for yourself, too!)

See you in the saddle!

Tara Peterse