Fall is in the air!

Fall is in the air and we’re still riding! It’s such a nice time of year to get on a horse and mosey on down the trail. The air is cool, the leaves crunch under the horses’ feet, and the kids keep smiling. This is a dad and his two kids after their ride – the little guy was particularly happy! He asked if he could say “yay!” And of course, he could. And so he did.

Kids ages 6 and up are welcome to ride with us. Everyone gets their own horse (this kiddo rode Summer) and then we lead them from our guide horse. And down the trail we go!

If it rains on the day you’ve booked your ride, not to worry – we let you cancel, no charge, if the weather is bad. So call or text 778-710-1941 or go to our contact page to send an email, and we’ll get you into the saddle and onto a fun, safe horse for a day you’re sure to remember.

Tara Peterse