Autumn rides

The fall weather is perfect for riding – so long as the rain holds off! And on this day, it did. On this ride, we had a couple of sisters who have decided to get out and do more active, fun things together (great idea!), and a mom and daughter out celebrating the daughter’s birthday (she’s the one waving at us). Thanks, everyone, for riding with Glen Valley Stables – we really appreciate it!
Big smiles at the end of the ride! Both riders were pretty new to horses – the one on the right had only ridden once before, and that horse just went backwards! She loved riding Traveller and said that the day’s ride was one of her best day’s ever, maybe even better than her wedding day (though not quite!). Thanks, ladies – you were a pleasure to take for a ride.
There’s nothing better than a happy kid on a horse! This photo was from a few weeks ago before the cold weather finally arrived. Thanks for riding with us!

Tara Peterse