A few photos

The perfect gift: the sister on the left (riding Freckles) bought a trail ride for the sister on the right (on Traveller) for a birthday present. It seems it was the perfect gift!
Here are a couple of visitors from south of the border. Nat bought his wife, Margo, a gift certificate for her birthday (I’m sensing a theme here…) and they came up from their home just a little south of the border just to go for a ride. We hope to see you in the saddle again some time! Nat is on Traveller and Margo is enjoying Freckles.
Here’s a quiet moment at the snack spot where we stop to give both the horses and riders a short break, and to take photos. Yet another beautiful day on the trails. That’s Pilgrim in the foreground and Freckles tucked in behind him

Tara Peterse