A collection of great photos

It’s been busy around here lately so I’m a bit backed up with posting pictures to the blog so a whole bunch of them are coming all at once – yikes! Thanks for riding with us, everyone! We love our job and are glad you’re a part of it. We hope to see you in the saddle again some time!
That’s Jiggers on the left, then Pilgrim and Traveller.
Here’s Rob (a colleague of our good friend and coach, Sandy Price – hi, Sandy!) with his wife, Laurie, and two nieces who are visiting from England. It was a pleasure riding with you all! For horses, from left to right, is Summer, Jiggers, Dodge and Annie.
Here’s Gene’s eldest granddaughter, Julia, on Summer.
Here’s a big ride from a week or so ago. That’s Tara, one of our hired hands, in the lead on her beautiful big Paint mare, Stella (Stella!!!!)
Here’s a happy couple out riding to celebrate their third anniversary. She’s an experienced rider but he’s on a horse for just the second time ever – Freckles took good care of him (as always!). She’s on Summer.
Here’s a big group from this past weekend. The last time they rode with us was about 7 or 8 years ago. Thanks for coming by again!
And last – but definitely not least – is a visitor from Saskatchewan who rides a lot at home and couldn’t resist saddling up on her west coast vacation. She rode Traveller. Thanks, everyone!

Tara Peterse