The windstorm and Campbell Valley Park

On Sunday, after Saturday’s big wind storm, Gene and I took the dog for a walk in Campbell Valley Park to see what it was like. It was walkable – lots of open places where there were just leaves and small branches on the ground – but also a few trees down and some bigger branches. These photos are from that day. But when we rode around the park ourselves on Tuesday, all the big trees had been cleared away from the trails.

And today, when Gene took guests out for a ride, everything was cleaned up – no more leaves on the trails, no more branches lying around. Good work, park crew!
The photo above shows Pepper, our dog, working her way around a big fallen branch. Horses could have got around it
But horses could NOT have got through this part of the trail. This is the stretch of trail that runs alongside 208 St. It was completely blocked – we didn’t even try walking through
Most of the trail – the parts of it that pass through treed areas anyway – looked like this: messy but passable. All of those leaves are gone now, blown off onto the sides of the trails.
Another big branch on the trail and a happy dog out for a walk!

Tara Peterse