Pilgrim, proud caretaker of young riders

We wish we could take you all on trail rides but unfortunately COVID-19 makes it unsafe. But it’s perfectly safe – and fun! – to learn about our horses. For the next few weeks, I’ll post profiles of all our wonderful horses, starting with Pilgrim.

Pilgrim is the senior citizen of our herd and proud caretaker of young riders.

Gene’s late wife, Carol, bought Pilgrim about 20 years ago while Gene was working out of town. Gene admits he wasn’t sure at first what she’d seen in the little Appaloosa gelding – he wasn’t very big and he was kind of tough to ride. But it soon became clear he was an honest, hard-working, reliable horse who became good at whatever you asked of him. If you pointed him at a cow that was running away, Pilgrim would go full speed to turn him back. (You had to know how to sit a horse to ride him in those days!) He helped Gene win the Clinton Rodeo pack race, standing stock still while packs and ropes were flung in a hurry over his back and then running his heart out around the track to come in first.

These days, Pilgrim quietly takes young riders for their first rides, and he’s just as serious about keeping kids safe as he used to be about stopping a rogue cow or winning races. He gets more days off than our younger horses and more treats at home but he’s still sound and still likes to go to work – if you walk in the field with a halter, he comes right up to you and puts his nose out so you more easily put it on.
All our horses here at Glen Valley Stables are special. But I think it’s fair to say that Pilgrim might be just a little more special than the rest. Thanks, Pilgrim, for all you do.

Stay safe, everyone, and follow our Facebook feed – you’ll see more photos of our featured horses and will be the first to know when we’re opening up again. We look forward to seeing you in the saddle soon (fingers crossed!).

Tara Peterse