Labour Day weekend fun!

We had a great long weekend – we took many, many riders out on the trails and the weather was fabulous! Here are just a few photos we took of our great guests. Thanks, all, for choosing Glen Valley Stables for your Labour weekend fun!
He grew up on a cattle ranch in Alberta, so he knew how to ride, and she loves horses, so – if all goes according to plan, and why wouldn’t it? – she’s only just begun  her riding life. Here’s hoping for many more happy trail miles!
We love all our guests but we have a real soft spot for the little girls. They just love their horses! Thanks for riding with us, and thanks for sharing our horses with your girls – even if they’re just your nieces! You two must be the best aunt and uncle EVER!
Everyone has a bucket list, and Hal and Margaret are no exception. But you don’t have to wait until you’re in your sixties to get on a horse FOR THE FIRST TIME! Hal had a great time on Freckles and Margaret did really well with Pilgrim. We hope you weren’t too stiff after your ride (you seemed just fine!) and that we see you both again some time. Happy trails!
Yvonne really wanted to ride a horse but her family… not so much. So she decided to go ahead anyway. You were a star, Yvonne! Good luck with your horse riding future.
These two friends are spreading their wings this summer and doing things they haven’t done before… things they’re maybe a little bit afraid of! Before horseback riding, they went kayaking. You guys were great! We hope you have many, many great adventures ahead of you!
Karen and Lilian came all the way from Hong Kong. They didn’t come just to ride horses – family was the bigger draw – but they had a great time riding on the weekend and are coming back again this Friday for a “faster” ride. How great is that?!
Dianne had a horse-crazy daughter and now she’s got a horse-crazy granddaughter, Emerson. Emerson loved Pilgrim and rode him really, really well. Dianne was looking forward to spending time with her granddaughter and, as she said at least twice, “I had a much better time than I thought I would!” You’re a good rider, Dianne. Thanks for riding with us!
Last, but not least – not by a long shot – is a big, extended family that came for a ride with us at the end of the holiday Monday. Some of them could ride well, others were beginners, but everyone had a great time. Thanks so much for coming out with us! You were all a very pleasant end to a very busy long weekend. Let’s do it again next year!

Tara Peterse