Gift certificates are on sale!!!

GIFT CARDS ARE ON SALE!!! Give the gift of experience and memories! Buy the best Christmas present EVER before noon on December 24 for your horse-loving friend or family member and you’ll be the most popular person Christmas morning – plus you get a discount! Here’s the deal for group and private rides:

      $10 off each 1 hour ride = $80
      $15 off each 1.5 hour ride = $110
      $20 off each 2 hour ride (the best deal!) = $130
      All per person, tax included

Ride any time you want! Your gift certificate is emailed to you so we guarantee it will be there in time to go under the tree! (We also have card-stock versions available if you order early enough to have them mailed. Or you can come pick them up – whichever works best for you.)

Or make it extra special by getting a private ride! Just you, your friends or family, and your guide. Perfect! They’re on sale too:

      1 hour $110
      1.5 hours $150
      2 hours $180
      All per person, tax included

It’s the perfect gift for your horse lover!

Tara Peterse