Circle F Poker Ride 2013

It was another terrific fundraiser poker ride for the Circle F horse rescue. Glen Valley Stables was the official trail ride sponsor this year and all of our horses were out helping the cause. From left to right, you can see Freckles, Annie, Zack and Traveller, with Pilgrim tucked in front of Annie. Thanks, Paws & Tails, for the great […] Continue Reading

Another photo from the Circle F fundraiser

Another great photo from Jennifer at Paws & Tails of our horses working on the 2013 Circle F Poker Ride. That’s Annie’s beautiful buckskin bum on the left and Traveller’s Appaloosa a** on the right (horses, that is, not people!)

Mary the mare

Here’s a nice black and white picture of Mary, one of only two mares on our string. She’s a very gentle soul. It looks like she’s trying to catch up with her friends here. All of our horses were rented out for the Circle F’s annual Poker Ride fundraiser – we were glad to be part of the event. It’s […] Continue Reading

Three generations out for a ride

It was a beautiful day in Campbell Valley Park with three generations along for the ride. Grandma Dee, daughter Claire and granddaughter Desi all had a great time, as did we. Thanks for riding with us, ladies! (The horses, from nearest to farthest, are Zack, Pilgrim and Freckles. Traveller was the guide horse that day.)

Lunch at the lookout, Golden Ears Park

Gene taking a break at the lunch spot in Golden Ears Park, looking down towards Allouete Lake. A great ride was had by all!