Updated Covid-19 protocols

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY masks are mandatory when you arrive to sign up for your ride and while we help you into the saddle. Once you are on your horse and riding down the trail, you are welcome to take your mask off as you are naturally physically distanced during your ride. You must put it on again at the end of […] Continue Reading

Three amigos!

Look at these three beauties! From left to right is Shine, Freckles and CowboyJ. We stopped for a moment on the trail to pick up some trash and the three of them posed so nicely I just had to capture it! To meet these lovely horses in person, you just text or call 778-710-1941. We will be glad to meet […] Continue Reading

Ride through fall colours!

Campbell Valley Park is a beautiful place to ride in every season but there’s something special about the fall. Book a ride and find out for yourself!

Fantastic Article by Miss604

Rebecca Bollwitt, aka Miss604, brought her sister for a ride with us last week and wrote a wonderful article about their time in the saddle. She caught the Glen Valley Stables’ trail ride experience perfectly! “When you’re trotting back on Shaggy Mane, you may feel a sense of accomplishment, like when you try something new, perhaps overcome a fear, or […] Continue Reading

Golden horses at Glen Valley Stables

Look at all those golden horses! One buckskin and three palominos – how lucky is that? (And we even have one more buckskin back at the ranch!) These girls are at the very beginning of their ride. See those trees up ahead? That’s the start of the trail. No need to ride across roads to get to the good part […] Continue Reading