Great gift for the grandkids!

Get the gift of experience for the kids in your family! And no, grandparents are not too old to ride! We have horses that suit every rider, both old and new. Kids have to be at least 6 years old to go on a Glen Valley Stables’ trail ride but adults can be as old as they want 🙂 And […] Continue Reading

Our popular Christmas gift certificate sale is on again!

GIFT CARDS ARE ON SALE!!! Give the gift of an experience that creates lasting memories! Buy the best Christmas present EVER before noon on December 24 for your horse- loving friend or family member and you’ll be the most popular person Christmas morning – plus you get a discount! Here’s the deal for group and private rides: Group:$5 off each […] Continue Reading

Christmas is less than a month away – yikes

Christmas is almost upon us but young Rhett, Tara’s 4-year-old colt, is pretty chill about it. He knows you can get a deal on gift certificates through the month of December and, if you’re really quick, you can get an even better deal from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. So call or text 778-710-1941 or visit our Facebook page for […] Continue Reading

Updated Covid-19 protocols

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY masks are mandatory when you arrive to sign up for your ride and while we help you into the saddle. Once you are on your horse and riding down the trail, you are welcome to take your mask off as you are naturally physically distanced during your ride. You must put it on again at the end of […] Continue Reading

Three amigos!

Look at these three beauties! From left to right is Shine, Freckles and CowboyJ. We stopped for a moment on the trail to pick up some trash and the three of them posed so nicely I just had to capture it! To meet these lovely horses in person, you just text or call 778-710-1941. We will be glad to meet […] Continue Reading