Gift Certificates on sale!

Buy the best Christmas present EVER before noon on December 24 and you’ll be the most popular person Christmas morning – plus you get a discount! Here’s the deal: $5 off each 1 hour ride = $55$10 off each 1.5 hour ride = $75$15 off each 2 hour ride (the best deal!) = $90Tax is included We will either mail […] Continue Reading


I’ve posted this photo of Pilgrim before and when I came across it recently, I thought it deserved to be posted again. I took it on a snowy day last winter so it’s not particularly fresh but it remains fabulous, just like the horse himself. It captures the intelligence and generosity of this wonderful gelding who has carried many guests […] Continue Reading

Friends ride in the fall weather

The whole weekend didn’t get rained out – and we have proof! Here’s a photo from Saturday of a Chilliwack rider and her Ontario friends who were out for a short visit. They were here for less than a week but they managed to fit in a trail ride. Smart women! (Horses are Freckles, Pilgrim and Traveller.) We’ll still ride […] Continue Reading

Two cowgirls are back in the saddle

It was the end of a fun ride for Gene and a couple of cowgirls who hadn’t been in the saddle for a while! One of the women won a gift certificate at the Circle F Poker Ride fundraiser and bumped up her 1 hour ride to 2 hours for her and her sister – one hour wasn’t going to […] Continue Reading

A friend comes to ride

My long-distance walking buddy, Karen, thought it would be a great idea to bring her “daughter” Carmen and her actual daughter, Eva, for a ride to celebrate Carmen’s birthday. We thought it was a great idea too! Karen rode her own horse, Polly, while Carmen rode Annie and Eva rode Traveller. We sure had a lot of fun! Thanks for […] Continue Reading