More snow!

All this snow isn’t the best for trail riding but it’s wonderful for taking pictures of the horses in the pasture. Enjoy!​ Traveller & Freckles​ Freckles sticks his tongue out to taste the falling snow!​ Traveller & Texas playing together​ Summer looking pretty in the snow​ Wise old Pilgrim​ A pretty picture of Freckles

Pretty horses in the snow

We don’t do a lot of riding in the snow – the snow balls up in our horses’ feet and it’s not always safe trailering them to the park – but we sure enjoy watching them out in the field. Here are a few shots from today of Freckles, Texas and Summer enjoying the snow… and the sun! Freckles​ Summer​ […] Continue Reading

A dry day is a good day for a ride!

It’s been a wet autumn! But every now and then we get a dry day and we’re always happy to take people out for a ride. Here are a group of friends who came out to celebrate a birthday. It wasn’t sunny but that didn’t stop the smiles! Thanks for riding with us, ladies!

Cariboo ride 2016

Every year, Gene and I go up to the Cariboo with a couple of horses and our dog, Pepper. This year, the weather was absolutely perfect. I hope you enjoy these photos from our 2016 ride. Thanks, Joanne This is me on Traveller with Pepper at White Lake, just north of Clinton, BC Gene on Annie riding the OK Ranch​ […] Continue Reading

A grandpa and his grandson

Here’s a photo from a few days ago of a grandpa (on Freckles) and his grandson (on Pilgrim) who joined two other guests (on Jiggers and Charlie Cache) for a one-hour ride in the park. What a great group they were! Thanks for riding with us, everyone!