The last ride of 2015!

And what a ride it was! Beautiful, sunny skies followed us all the way around the park – how good is that? Thank you, Stewart and Avril, for getting us out to the park for the last time in 2015. I enjoyed it as much as you guys! Have a great trip back to Australia, and we hope to see […] Continue Reading

New horses!

We’re excited to introduce you to some new, proven trail horses we recently brought home from Tod Mountain Guest Ranch. Tracey, the owner of Tod Mountain Guest Ranch, has decided to return to the UK and so has found homes for all her great horses – we got three of them. You’ll see them on the trails a little bit […] Continue Reading

A sunset ride on a wintery afternoon

Sunset rides start at around 2:30 this time of year! We finished up at 4:00 as the sun was on the horizon. It was perfect. The day was clear and cool. Thanks for riding with us, Jordan and Teila!

Lest we forget

I’d like to share this photo by a very talented young photographer, Larissa Price, in honour of Remembrance Day. Thank you, Larissa, for your thoughtful and creative work. And a heartfelt thank you to all those who fought for us and our country, horse and human alike. We salute you

Autumn rides

The fall weather is perfect for riding – so long as the rain holds off! And on this day, it did. On this ride, we had a couple of sisters who have decided to get out and do more active, fun things together (great idea!), and a mom and daughter out celebrating the daughter’s birthday (she’s the one waving at […] Continue Reading